Mechanics Strategy
Kill order Heirad –> Ciphas –> Kel’sara
Phase 1 : Heirad casts Surging Chains and becomes immune to damage Source of immunity is from Ciphas, who needs to be damaged and then interrupted (Ciphas is immune to interrupts until you burn through his barrier).
Tank Swap (all phases) Both Ciphas and Kel’sara put stacking debuffs on their tanks that deals more damage with more stacks. Swap tanks at 5 stacks. Ciphas has a cleave so becareful when swapping around.
Phase 2: Ciphas dooms players Person with doom need to run into 2 green circles to clear the debuff or they get one shot.
Phase 2: Green circles Green circles are spawned on top of players, move away from them as soon as they spawn and don’t run through them unless you have Doom.
Phase 3: Death mark Person marked need to run away from Kel’sara, use speed boosts or sorc/sage pulls to help marked player escape.
Phase 3: Withering Terror Uncurable DoT that needs to be healed through


Additional Mechanics Strategy
Phase 1: Heirad Begins to channel Lighting Field Everyone need to be assigned to a location in the room that they ran to during this phase. Goal here is to spread out as much as possible while keeping healers near tanks to top them off. The raid will take massive damage that can be lessened if everyone is spread out.
Phase 2: Ciphas strangle random raid members Ciphas will need to be interrupted ASAP (tanks can do this) to stop the strangle
Phase 2 Ciphas’ doom have 3 stacks Run through 3 circles
Phase 3 Kel’sara casts Force Leech on tank Tank swap immediately and do not heal the tank being leeched (no HOTs, medpacks or Endure Pain)
Phase 3 Dread Guard Legionaries Low HP adds that can be killed quickly, one of them casts Mass Affliction and need to be DPS’ed quick,.~ 7k HP per add