Mechanics Strategy
Burrows in/out Tanks need to use their gap closers and leap/jump to the boss ASAP when he reappears. Otherwise he will spit stuff at the raid. You do not lose target when the boss disappears so just spam your gap closer as soon you see the boss pop up. There is a set pattern on where the boss will appear next after he burrows in.
Jealous Male & Foul Offspring Jealous Male and Foul Offspring spawns in the fight with a red text on screen. DPS/Healer need to be assigned to run to the red circle to “attract” the adds while a tank grab the Jealous Male
Tank Swap Tank swap on the main boss everytime you see the Jealous Male spawn. Boss puts a Incubated debuff on whoever tanking it.
Red Circles One red circle will spawn on the raid. It will usually spawn where the “flowers” are located on the ground. Don’t stand on the flowers unless you are assigned to red circle duty.
Corrosive Slime This is a hard ticking DoT (3.6k damage every 3 seconds) that can be cleansed


Additional Mechanics Strategy
Corrosive Slime Cleansing this DoT will now leave behind a yellow circle on the ground that damages anyone standing in it.
Twisted Spawn These mobs spawn at ~10% (176k HP) and will attack the raid. Tank them if you can but your efforts should be on killing the boss ASAP