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re: Guild Charter


To begin we would like for everyone to note - this a guild meant for Fun, Active, Mature, Social Adult Players. We are a semi-serious progression guild, but do like to have fun and hang out.

Event Times (Pacific) areas follows:

Thursday 7:30-10:30 Progression

Friday 7:30-10:30 Progression

Saturday Guild PVP or other fun event


We hope for this to be a chance to get to know people and get away from the “real world” and have FUN. We are here to help each other progress into end game content with some PVP thrown in. We do understand that everyone gets busy with the real world but hope to see you a couple times a week, even if you can't attend the operations, at least you can cheer us on. Be sure to be considerate to others.

Just as a forewarning under no circumstances will anyone in the guild ask for your SWTOR account name and/or password! If anyone does please report them immediately to the Guild Leadership

Dark Legacy, as a Guild, is here to have Fun. In the process of having fun our goal is to progress as far into end game content as possible and to help one another.
You can do this by signing up for operations you can attend, showing up on time and prepared, and working together as a team.

Vent: Dark Legacy currently has a 35 slot vent server that we share with a WoW guild. Vent is a must for operations and meetings even if you don’t have a mic and can’t talk. Please see Vent Rules for everything you need know. Above all else respect others and do not give the info out to non-guild members. The ops leader may do so for pugs.

Website: Be sure when you create account to use your main character's name, same goes for Vent, so we can recognize you! Also, acceptable language/content will be used at all times.

ALL promotions will take place at Guild Meetings. You can be promoted without attending the meeting, but if at all possible please attend the meeting to be recognized for your promotion. Location Ziost Shadow Cantina.

The Ranks are as Follows:

  • Black Spawn – Probation
  • Alt
  • Dark Soul – general members
  • Dark Shade – general members
  • Dark Rider – progression raider
  • Force Ghost - former officer
  • Shadow Warden – Jr. Officer
  • Shadow Stalker – Sr. Officer
  • Ebon Herald - Guild Master


More information about the ranks, how to get promoted and rank permissions can be found under: Ranks & How to get Promoted

Some of our members are more serious and intent on end game progression. Operations fulfill this need.

We are a semi-serious progression guild. There are higher standards and expectations for those intending on participating in progression runs.
For the complete description see the Operation Expectations Thread

NOTE: You are fully within your rights to put anyone you want on ignore - however know that if you put the guild leader or an officer on ignore you will likely be immediately removed from the guild

Personal Information:
Know that this is an open guild and if you give out any personal in guild chat or on the forums you do so at your own risk. If you use your real name that is your choice.

Guild Bank:
Donations, Contributions & How to Receive Items – See Bank Rules

Now let’s go and have FUN!!! If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to PM officers in game or on the forums, or simply post on the forums.

Finally and Most Importantly ……

Welcome to Dark Legacy!!!!


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